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Pizza Recipes

Pizza Recipes for Everyone

There is nothing difficult about making pizza recipes and if you want to start off the easy way, why not use a readymade pizza crust and just experiment with the toppings a bit? Making dough is actually pretty easy too and creating a pizza from scratch is something your whole family will love you for.

Making Authentic Pizza Recipes at Home

An authentic pizza dough teamed with an authentic pizza sauce and fresh toppings is what makes a homemade pizza taste so wonderful. You might want to use a recipe for authentic Italian pizza or perhaps you prefer another kind. Whichever types of pizzas you and your family prefer, there are sure to be recipes for them.

Pizza through History

The Italian pizza history starts off in the late eighteenth century when tomatoes were introduced to Italy. Flatbread creations similar to pizza had been popular in Italy and Greece, amongst other places, for a long time but tomatoes combined with the flatbread base and cheese transformed this bread into the first pizza.

The Easiest Pizza Recipes

If you want to start off with an easy pizza dough recipe, there are fast easy pizza dough recipes and methods you can choose from. Dough is something that does take a little practice but it is very possible to make a great dough the first time around! Likewise, an easy pizza sauce recipe is something that might use few ingredients but using the freshest produce makes your homemade pasta sauce stand out from readymade canned varieties.

Most people adore the worldwide phenomenon known as pizza and, whether you want to make an easy pizza casserole, something different like a Mexican pizza recipe or a favorite such as pepperoni pizza, the multitude of delicious pizza recipes available make cooking pizza simple.

Enjoy and watch out for the hot spots.

Pizza Recipes and Pizza Article Links

Pizza Recipes
Grilled Pizza Recipes
Meat Pizza
Vegetable Pizza
Pizza Sauce Recipe
Pizza Dough
Pizza Articles

Pizza Recipes

Deliciously Different Pizza Recipes

Pizza recipes do not have to fall into the meat or vegetable category and some of the best pizza recipes feature different ingredients than what you might have thought of putting on a pizza. There are fish pizzas such as our delicious shrimp scampi pizza recipe, dessert pizzas, meat and fish pizzas, breakfast pizzas and many more kinds. We have many different pizza recipes for you to choose from and a lot of the pizzas in this category are extra special.

Creative Pizza Making

You can put pretty much anything you like on a pizza and, as long as it goes with the other ingredients, it will taste good. Take a look at some international pizza recipes and you will discover this to be true. The Japanese, for example, love seafood on their pizzas. Most Indians are vegetarian and they enjoy vegetable pizza recipes. Favorite Australian pizza toppings include barbecue chicken, shrimp, bell pepper, diced pumpkin, and tomato chutney. Romanians love vegetable pizzas topped with plenty of corn and they dip their pizza in sweet sauce or hot sauce.

Deep Dish Chicago Style Pizza
Ham and Pineapple Pizza with Green Pepper
Hawaiian Pizza with Ham and Pineapple
Mexican Beef Tortilla Pizza
Hot Sausage Pizza
Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza
Recipe for Homemade Taco Pizza
Italian Bread Shell Crust Turkey Alfredo Pizza
Quick and Easy Turkey Club Pizza
Spinach and Shrimp Pizza Recipe
Breakfast Pizza Recipe with Sausage, Egg, and Hash Browns
How to Make a Mexican Pizza - Taco Pizza Recipe
Casserole Style Mexican Pizza Recipe
Gourmet Pizza Recipes Featuring Tandoori Chicken Recipe
Deep Dish Pan Pizza with Sausage
Tasty and Traditional Sicilian Pizza
Homemade Supreme Pizza Recipe with Pepperoni
Fruity Pineapple and Sausage Pizza
Seafood Pizza Recipe with Pineapple
Italian Chicken Vegetable Pizza
Turkish Pide Bread
French Bread Pizza Recipe with a Twist
Delicious Chicken and Vegetable Pizza
Delightful Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza Recpie
Supreme Pizza Ingredients Make the Pie
Classic Brick Oven Pizza Recipe
Resourceful Pizza Recipe without Oven

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Grilled Pizza Recipes

The Tastiest Grilled Pizza Recipes

The hot, dry air in a grill is not that different to the hot, dry air found in a traditional wood burning pizza oven, so grilling is a great way to cook pizza. You can either grill your pizza directly on the grill or use a pizza stone. Our pizza articles explain this in more depth. You can make all kinds of grilled pizza recipes, including meat pizzas, vegetable pizzas, combination pizzas and more. If you have only ever made baked pizza recipes, why not try your hand at one of our grilled pizza recipes next time?

Grilling Your Pizza is Fun

Grilling your pizza is more sociable than baking it because you can be outside where the fun is, rather than inside waiting for your pizza to finish baking. Grilled pizza recipes have a hearty, earthy flavor all of its own. Grilling pizza is quite easy, even if you have never done it before and the results are guaranteed to be totally delicious. Once you have made a grilled pizza recipe, you will see why grilled pizza recipes are so great

Grilled Chicken Pizza with Barbecue Pita
Easy Chicken Parmesan Pizza Recipe
White Pizza with Ham, Parmesan, and Mozzarella
Tasty Grilled Italian Pizza Recipe the Godfather Pizza
Grilled Big Sausage Pizza with Cheese
Delicious Grilled Pizza Recipe with Bacon
Spicy Sausage Pizza on the Grill
Creamy Grilled Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Grilled Hawaiian Chicken Pizza
Mesquite Smoked Chicken and Peppers Pizza
Individual Grilled Pizzas
Grilled Pizza with Bacon and Pineapple
Roasted Vegetable Pizza on the Grill
Grilled Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe
Shrimp Pizza with Red Wine Marinade

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Meat Pizza

Mouthwatering Meat Pizza Recipes

Meat pizza recipes are hugely satisfying and indulgent and there are many kinds of meat and poultry, which are great on a meat pizza. If you like your pizza topped with bacon, beef, ham, chicken, meatballs, turkey or all of these, you will love our meat pizza recipes. Sausage lovers will adore our flavorsome sausage pizza, topped with onion, mushroom, bell pepper and cheese as well as delicious Italian sausage. If you are a real carnivore, you can always top your pizza extra high with meat. That is the great thing about making your own.

International Meat Pizzas

Pizzas are very versatile and you can recreate your favorite meal on top of a pizza base. For example, Mexican food is popular and our Mexican chicken pizza gives you all the flavors of Mexico, including corn, avocado, cilantro and fajita style chicken on a thin and crispy pizza base. If you favor authentic Italian pizzas, our turkey Alfredo pizza should tantalize your taste buds. With the mouthwatering combination of turkey, Parmesan, spinach, garlic and more, this is another of our most popular meat pizza recipes.

Three Meat Pizza Meat Lovers Pizza Bake
Buffalo Chicken Pizza Recipe
Meatball Filled Double Crust Pizza with Pepperoni
Ground Beef Mexican Pizza Recipe
Mexican Chicken Pizza Recipe
Shrimp Scampi Pizza
Cheese Steak Pizza
Popular Pepperoni Pizza on a Garlic Crust
Deep Dish Pizza with Pepperoni
Spicy Italian Sausage Pizza with Pepperoni
Thick Crust Meat Feast Pizza
Langallo - Traditional Hungarian Pizza
Hearty 4 Meat Pizza With Jalapenos
Delicious Mediterranean Pizza with Chicken
Gourmet Pizza with Chicken
Barbequed Chicken Pizza with Onions
Homemade Pizza Recipe Done Right
Simple Recipe for Pepperoni Pizza
Pepperoni Mushroom Pizza Pepperoni Combo

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Vegetable Pizza

Healthy Vegetable Pizza Recipes

If vegetable pizza is something you like, you will enjoy browsing our selection of tasty vegetarian pizza recipes. Our potato pizza, with its sumptuous combination of potatoes, egg, onion, tomatoes, basil and more, is something that you will want to make time and time again. Vegetables are healthy and you can make such wonderful meals with them. What better way to get your kids to eat their vegetables than to pile them on top of an irresistible pizza crust and top them with cheese?

Vegetable Pizza for Everyone

There are almost unlimited combinations of vegetables you can use when making a vegetable pizza and you can contrast colors and textures, perhaps using green, red and yellow vegetables for a colorful pizza or combining your favorite vegetables with your favorite cheese and herbs. A lot of vegetable pizzas have tasty fresh herbs on top, such as oregano, basil, or parsley to complement the flavor. Even meat lovers will find that they enjoy eating a vegetable pizza from time to time and our wide selection of vegetable pizza recipes makes choosing one easy.

Baked Potato Pizza with Summer Vegetables
Gourmet Pizza Recipes Mediterranean Style
The Best Fruit Pizza Recipes
Easy Fruit Pizza Recipe
Chilled Cream Cheese Vegetable Pizza
Raw Vegetable Pizza Recipe
Cream Cheese Vegetable Pizza
Cold Vegetable Pizza with Dill
Vegetable Pizza with Crescent Rolls Recipe
Delicious Panini with Grilled Vegetables
Delicious Italian Eggplant Pizza Recipe
Grilled Vegetable Pita Pizza
Italian Cheese and Tomato Pizza
Delicious Artichoke Pizza Recipe
Vegetarian Focaccia Pizza
Delicious Mushroom Pizza Recipes
Homemade Italian Style Pizza
Recipe for Best Homemade Pizza
Homemade Organic Vegetarian Pizza Recipe Mushrooms
The Best Vegetarian Pizza

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Pizza Sauce Recipe

How to Make a Pizza Sauce Recipe

Pizza sauce recipes are usually either red or white. You can just use a layer of tomato puree but red pizza sauces often contain other delicious ingredients like tomato paste, garlic, garlic, butter, Parmesan, onion, herbs and more. There are many different recipes for pizza sauce to choose from. A white pizza often features garlic, olive oil, herbs, and cheese as a topping but no sauce. You can make a white pizza sauce however and ingredients like milk, flour, garlic, butter, and cheese do the job nicely. White pizza toppings, which go well with this sauce, include leek, broccoli, mushrooms, and lots more.

Other Types of Pizza Sauce

A pizza sauce does not have to be a red, tomato based sauce. Neither does it have to be a white sauce. Other sauces and ingredients that make interesting pizza sauces can be ranch dressing, mustard, olive oil, enchilada sauce, hummus, refried beans, teriyaki sauce or something else. Whatever sauce is going to complement the topping ingredients will be the best one for your pizza recipe.

How to Make Pizza Sauce - Hot and Spicy Version
Best Pizza Sauce for Home Made Pizza
Quick White Pizza Sauce Recipe
Best Italian Pizza Sauce Recipes
Quick and Easy Pizza Sauce Recipe
An All Purpose Pizza Sauce Recipe
Delivery Style Pizza Sauce
A Super Easy Pizza Sauce Recipe for Homemade Pizza
Cincinnati Style Sweet Pizza Sauce Recipe
Rich and Creamy White Garlic Pizza Sauce
NYC Pizza Sauce Recipe Done Right
Quick and Easy Uncooked Pizza Sauce
A Diabetic Pizza Sauce Recipe That Still Tastes Great
Great Ranch Pizza Sauce Recipe
Simple Gluten Free Pizza Sauce
Great Tasting Organic Pizza Sauce
Perfect Pesto Pizza Sauce
Authentic Sicilian Pizza Sauce
Quick and Simple Pizza Sauce
Simple Basic Pizza Sauce
Homemade Pizza Sauce with Honey
A Real Chicago Pizza Sauce Recipe
Homemade Alfredo Pizza Sauce Recipe
A Great Low Calorie Pizza Sauce Recipe

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Pizza Dough

How to Make the Best Pizza Dough

Pizza dough is largely a matter of preference. Some people love thin and crispy pizza dough recipes. Others are more partial to a soft, thick bread base. It also depends on the pizza toppings you are using. You can use shop bought pizza dough of course but making your own means that you can choose the exact type of pizza base you want and make it exactly the shape and size you prefer. You also have freedom with any herbs or spices you might like to add. Making your own dough allows you to be more creative.

Pizza Dough Varieties

You can make gluten free pizza dough or low carb pizza dough if need be and these taste just as good as regular pizza dough recipes. You might like to try your hand at making a whole-wheat pizza dough. This type of pizza base is wonderful with a cheese, broccoli and ham topping or anything hearty. Whether you want to use a food processor, stand mixer or your hands, we will show you how to make perfect pizza dough time after time.

How to Make Good Thick Crust Pizza Dough
Cheese and Onion Pizza Dough Recipe
The Very Best Pizza Dough Recipe
A Completely Gluten Free Pizza Crust Recipe
Healthy Whole Wheat Pizza Crust Recipe
Delicious Deep Dish Pizza Dough
Pizza Dough for Pan Pizza
Ultra Quick Pizza Dough Recipe
Very Easy Pizza Dough Recipe
Traditional Sicilian Pizza Dough Recipe
Tasty Vegetarian Pizza Dough Recipe
Crispy Thin Crust Pizza Dough Recipe
Greek Pizza Crust
Quick Pizza Dough Recipe for Busy Days
Irish Pizza Dough Recipe
Authentic Old World Italian Pizza Dough Recipe
Basic Pizza Dough Recipe
Quick Simple Bisquick Pizza Dough
A Recipe For Bread Machine Pizza Dough
A Great Pizza Dough Recipe with Beer
Fantastic Food Processor Pizza Dough
John's Pizza Dough Recipe
California Style Pizza Dough Recipe
Delivery Style Pizza Dough Recipe
Boston Style Pizza Dough Recipe
A Real New York Style Pizza Dough Recipe
Old Fashioned Sour Dough Pizza Dough Recipe
Improving Your Pizza with an Artisan Pizza Dough Recipe
Mastering the Best Homemade Pizza Crust
Getting Crunch with a Crispy Pizza Crust Recipe
How to Make an Authentic Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza
Travel with Your Taste Buds with New York Pizza Dough
Make a Delicious and Nutritious Gluten-Free Pizza Dough Crust
Healthy Wheat Pizza Dough Recipe
Make an Authentic Italian Thin Pizza Crust Recipe
Make Pizza Healthy and Fun with a Whole Grain Pizza Crust Recipe
Authentic Italian Pizza Dough Recipe
Creating Your Own Chewy Pizza Dough Recipe
Adding Crunch with Thin Crispy Pizza Crust Recipe

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Pizza Articles

Fascinating Pizza Articles

Pizza articles can teach you how to make pizza like a pro, let you in on some Pizza Hut secrets and follow the interesting history of pizza right back from Ancient Greek times to the modern pizzas of today. Perhaps you are wondering about different pizza varieties. What is the difference between New York pizza and Chicago pizza? Are pizza pans and pizza stones really necessary? Pizza articles are the best way to find out the answers to these questions and more!

Pizza Articles and Pizza Making Tips

A lot of us have ordered pizza or bought and cooked a readymade pizza but pizza making is one of those things that sounds trickier than it actually is. There are so many pizza dough recipes, pizza sauce recipes and pizza toppings to choose from but this is actually an advantage because it means you can make the ideal pizza. Pizza making tips are great for the novice pizza cook right up to someone who has made lots of pizza recipes and just want to brush up on their skills or learn something new.

How to Make Pizza like a Pro
A Guide to Different Types of Pizza
The Joy of Great Pizza Recipes - Pizza 101
Pizza Glossary and Common Pizza Cooking Terms - Pizza A - P
Pizza Glossary and Common Pizza Cooking Terms - Pizza P - Z
A Guide to Pizza Stones and Pizza Pans
The History of Pizza - Ancient Greece to Today Part 1
The History of Pizza - Ancient Greece to Today Part 2
History Of Pizza Hut
An Introduction to Pizza
Why Pizza is Wonderfully Unique
Pizza around the World
Healthy Pizza - How to Make Healthy Pizza Recipes
Pizza Cooking - The Best Pizza Cooking Tips
Five Reasons to Make Your Own Pizza Recipes
A Guide to Pizza Ovens

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Updated:May 29, 2012