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Great Pizza Recipes

Pizza is a popular dish invented in Italy, and found in most cuisines around the world. Pizza often starts with a flat, round, homemade crust, is topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked until the cheese topping is golden brown. Pizza chefs have created remarkable new offerings that include thick crusts; thin crusts, stuffed crusts, and offer an infinite number of toppings that make pizza a great dish served any time of the day from breakfast to dessert.

Pizza is most often baked over direct heat, but can be grilled or prepared and baked in a special pan. A pizza crust offers the perfect canvas for creating your own personal pizza from your favorite fresh ingredients. presents a growing collection of the best pizza recipes for creating wonderful pizza dishes suitable for serving at any meal or for enjoying later as leftovers. You’ll find recipes for creating perfect crusts, with delicious sauces and toppings, prepared in the oven or grill. Visit often!

Featured Pizza Recipes:

Gourmet Pizza Recipes Mediterranean Style

Gourmet pizza recipes are well worth making because they feature wonderful ingredients and usually do not take long to make. If you are a fan of Mediterranean food, you will like the following gourmet pizza recipe. Italian, Spanish, and Greek ingredients are used for this pizza.

You can also use optional extra ingredients such as chicken breast, pepperoni, salami, basil, bell pepper, or pine nuts. Rather than using a tomato-based sauce between the pizza crust and the toppings, this Mediterranean food pizza uses pesto sauce, which goes wonderfully with the different cheese flavors. This gourmet pizza recipe is healthy as well as being very tasty.

Gourmet Mediterranean Food Pizza

Ingredients -

1 cup pesto sauce
1 readymade pizza crust
1 cup chopped sun dried tomatoes
1 cup chopped artichoke hearts
1 cup wilted spinach
4 oz grated feta cheese
½ cup kalamata olives
4 oz mixture of grated asiago, mozzarella, and provolone cheeses
Olive oil


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F.

Brush the pizza crust with olive oil and spread pesto over the crust, leaving a inch border.

Top with sun dried tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, and spinach.

Cover with cheeses.

Bake the pizza on an oven rack for 10 minutes or until the cheese has melted.

Cool for 5 minutes then slice and serve.

(Serves 6)

Gourmet Pizza Recipes

Photo Description:

Doesn't this pizza make your mouth water? Look at those fresh ingredients piled on, all hot and toasted from the oven. All of the flavors have been intensified by baking, making every bite one to be savored. Look at the colors... the reds, greens, yellows and browns make the pizza look as appetizing at it tastes. Add your favorite toppings to get the flavors you love best, like mushrooms, peppers, artichoke hearts or cheese. Serve it up hot from the oven like this delicious pizza and you'll find yourself savoring every delicious morsel.

An Introduction to Pizza

Pizza is a deliciously versatile dish and comes in many varieties. There are different kinds of pizza dough and you can choose from a thin and crispy base, a deep fluffy dough base, or even a specialty dough like stuffed crust or whole wheat. As far as pizza toppings go, the sky is the limit. A tasty pizza sauce usually coats the pizza crust before the toppings are added.

Americans eat about three hundred and fifty slices of pizza every second. This is a hundred acres a day! Pizza is a thirty billion dollar industry in the United States every year and there are more than sixty thousand pizza parlors throughout the United States, selling three billion pizzas a year. In New York alone, there are nine thousand pizzerias. The most popular ethnic food in America is Italian and pizza is the best loved Italian food outside of Italy.

The Truth about Pizza and Health

Is pizza healthy, you might ask? Of course, it is possible to get healthy pizza, just as it is possible to get unhealthy pizza. When making your own pizzas at home, the great thing is that you have free rein over the ingredients used. A healthy pizza might be a whole-wheat thin crust, a tomato sauce, and a roasted vegetable topping with cheese. You can have healthy meat, fish, or vegetable toppings.

A lot of people ask the question is pizza healthy and it depends on how it is made. A thick fluffy base topped with a high fat butter rich sauce and three inches of meat, cheese and creamy topping ingredients is going to be less friendly to your waistline than a thin crust roasted vegetable pizza!

Pizza used to be considered a fast food along with hamburgers, French fries, and other high calorie snacks but not every pizza recipe uses fatty ingredients or calorific toppings. A homemade pizza with vegetables and chicken and a sprinkling of cheese is actually a healthy meal.

Which is the Best Loved Pizza?

Favorite pizza toppings vary around the world but America's favorite pizza is pepperoni, according to research, and a massive thirty six percent of pizza orders include this ingredient! The most popular pizza around the world is pizza margarita, which is simply mozzarella cheese and tomatoes. Sixty two percent of Americans prefer meat-topped pizzas and the remaining thirty-eight prefer vegetarian pizza.

One of the best-loved pizza variations is BBQ, followed by Mexican, five cheeses, no cheese pizza pies, and traditional Italian pizzas such as new potato, Florentine, and margarita. Gourmet pizza toppings such as artichoke hearts, crayfish, oysters, eggplant, dandelions, and Cajun shrimp are gaining ground in some parts of the United States. Newer trends include Canadian bacon, duck, and venison.

Mushrooms, sausage, extra cheese, onion, and green bell pepper are the most commonly requested pizza toppings after pepperoni. So, what is the least favorite pizza topping? The answer to that is an anchovy.

Phoning for a pizza is something that most of us have done at some point but nothing beats the flavor of homemade pizza. Not only can you be creative with the dough, pizza sauce, and toppings but also you can keep your pizzas healthy as well as flavorful. You can even make a half and half pizza, maybe with meat toppings on one side and vegetables and cheese on the other side, if your family has different food preferences.

Pizza is versatile, easy to make and very tasty. No, wonder Americans claim pizza to be one of their favorite foods of all time!

Inside Great Pizza Recipes

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Meat Pizza Meat Pizza

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Vegetable Pizza Vegetable Pizza

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Pizza Dough Pizza Dough

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Pizza Articles Pizza Articles

Pizza Articles - Cooking Tips, History and More - Did you ever wonder how pizza originated, what the first pizza toppings were, which pizzas are preferred in other countries or about the history of Pizza Hut? Pizza fans will find pizza facts like these fascinating and sometimes it is very interesting to look back in time and find out how pizza has changed from its conception to present day pizza trends...


Five Reasons to Make Your Own Pizza Recipes

Pizza used to be found in Italian neighborhoods only but is now a mainstream phenomenon all over the world. It is a comfort food and each country and culture has adapted the recipe to suit their tastes. Here are five reasons why making your own pizza is the best way to enjoy this delicious treat.

1. It is easy to make pizza. You can make pizza dough recipes with basic kitchen tools and you can make whichever type of dough you prefer. Making a sauce and adding toppings are simple too. The hardest part of making your own pizza is cleaning up afterwards!

2. Homemade pizza is good value. The price of making your own pizza is much less than visiting a pizzeria or ordering a pizza. You can buy ingredients in bulk and freeze what you do not use. You can also buy ingredients on sale and use them as toppings.

3. Pizza is healthy and you can use top quality, fresh ingredients. Vegetables are great on pizza and you can use bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, corn, fresh garlic, tomatoes and more. You can make healthy pizza dough recipes too, which are usually thin and crispy and you can make whole-wheat dough if you want.

4. It is a lot of fun to make pizza yourself. You can get the kids involved in saying what toppings go on the pizza, kneading the dough for the crust and arranging the toppings on the pizza. Older kids can help to slice and chop the topping ingredients. Even if you are only making pizza for yourself, it is still an enjoyable experience and you can get really creative with it.

5. You can learn how to make pizza dough in stages. First of all, you can buy a readymade pizza crust and use that. Next, you can buy fresh dough from the bakery and work with that because you will gain experience in shaping your pizza and working with dough. Finally, you can make your own pizza dough recipe.

Making pizza gets easier every time you do it and very soon after starting, you will be making healthy pizza recipes for the family, having fun and saving money!


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